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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Julen Alfonso, I am 23 years old and I come from Bilbao (Basque Country). Educationally equipped in Law and not fashion, but I am a lawyer with a strong interest in fashion. I spent unrelenting hours studying to complete my Master’s Degree, making it impossible to start this blog before, but now that I have completed it, there is no excuse left not to begin it.

This blog is focused on my personal contemporary fashion, uploading pictures of my outfit, but also offering some advise on dressing and grooming. In such a world which I do not master totally yet, while researching and updating new trends I will let you see and we will learn together. I will also bring up some new subjects.

The “It Boy” figure is quite forgotten these days. It is mainly women who are on the top of that ladder. Among the men, those with the highest number of followers are the ones with an almost religious cult to the gym body (with due respect to them). I want to share with you another perspective, that a skinny man can also be stylish. And to stereotypes out there, all these prejudices and nonsense criticisms around us creates insecurity in us. Have we all ever thought that the same clothes on somebody else could fit better. Sometimes that might be true, that is why it is important to dedicate a few times to learn some techniques and have some tools to bring to light the best of us.

Those who have already followed me in social network should know that my identifying hashtag is #pijolowcost and throught it you will find all my tagged pictures of Instagram.

The term “pijo” (means preppy in Spanish) has always been associated with money and being fashionable. Those who dress according to the current fashion is “pijo”. Eventhough this definition has been through evolution (not always for the good) to even describe just a boy with a shirt. So keeping with the original definition I have tried to mix two poles together, luxurious (pijo) and affordable (low cost).

I intend to make people understand that to be well dressed and to develop your own a sense of style, does not require so much money. Fashion is affordable.  We can always value our own taste on fashion sense and possibilities, and we can make the best out of it. We must also remember not to always associate low cost with low quality, and that’s with all my respect to haute couture.

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