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Hi Pijolows!

Today I will introduce to you an outfit from the Athleisure tendence. It may be that some of you have already heard about it, but I will give you a brief explanation.

It is a new trend consisting of pieces of clothes mainly designed for training, or sport clothes in general, giving it a use out of habitual. I mean, Instead of wearing those to do sports, combining each piece to make a fir outfit for your daily activities or even for an event. Among big pioneers of this fashion you may notice Rihanna and Eminem.

An example of athleisure pieces of cloth are: yoga pants, tracksuits and sweaters. Eventhough this tendence was started by women while wearing yoga pants in varied ocassions to keep comfort, men have join the train.

In the meanwhile, tendence among men started with Adidas pants, to the torso. Nowadays it is very common to see men with jeans, a basic white undershirt and a famous trade mark sweater.

And voilá: Here I show you my own Atleisure outfit. Very simple, made out of sport pants from Primark, same color sweater with vivid colors, in this case  blue and red (for contrasting) from H&M, pair of sport shoes from Zara and a gooseneck coat.

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