Hair Trend for 2017

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Hi Pijolows!

A new year has come and with it, new changes. Would you like to have a hairdo change and you don’t know what fashionable is?, the keep on reading.

The last trend of 2016 will remain this year, a mix of long and short hair and in a majority of cases, a beard. Of course, this last one could be customized your own way.


Long messy hair (but well kept) keeps being a trend. Everytime we think about a change, the first thing that comes to mind is to cut, but in this case just leave your hair to grow and keep it. Besides, a joining beard would give you a more manly face. The length of your hair will allow you to play with it while leaving it lose, wearing it to a side ir just with a pony tail. Research  which of them goes with your face and take an advantage of it.


If you do not like long hair or do not favor your face, you can choose to reduce the length of the sides. The length of the sides depends on the taste of each one, this will allow that the factions are marked more and you will prevent that your head looks so great. I leave several photos with different hairstyles to you so that you look for the one that you like with this length.


Go shortening the length of hair more and more, but here what stands out is the hairstyle, the ponytail or rather “tail”. Those who do not dare to leave your hair so long or you do not like it, you could let only grow your bangs and a little the top and pick it up with an elastic.


The length of hair resembles the previous one but with the difference that instead of picking it it is left loose covering the forehead and part of the eyes.


If the hair on the sides annoys you and you want to fully mark the shape of your face the best option is to shave it. The volume at the top of the head will give you a modern touch. Here is the typical tupe hairstyle, although you can leave it loose or even give it a more “rocker’s style” with more personality.


Here the length of the sides and the top is almost similar, however, the top hair is given a larger volume creating a mohican style in the center of the head but with wavy tip.


The length of the sides depends on your own taste. This is the hairstyle that I use and always ask me to cut it down on the sides at 0.5, gives a more modern touch. The stripe helps you comb with a touch of hair and a little wax ready in a minute (in my case) and is also a formal hairstyle that can make it more risky if you do not comb both and give much volume to the hair on the top.


It is the cut that I did myself year ago but that is again trend with some modern touches. The length across the head is similar but combing some locks with wax or other products that give some life to the cut.


If you are lazy to have to comb your hair or your face allows you to pick up the razor and shave the whole head Lieutenant Oneil’s style. Your features will be more marked and much better if accompanied with a good thick beard.

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