MV Fotography and how to pose for pictures

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Hi Pijolows!

I would like to show you today my first photo session I had with a professional photographer and give you some tricks of how to look better in a picture.

I was quite nervous, for sure and at first I didn’t know that well how to pose but thanks to the tips of this pro, it was joyful experience. I felt like home (It was at home, literally), That’s why I  am grateful to MV FOTOGRAPHY.

I take a chance of this time to share some tricks:

1- Check which is your best profile and exploit it. If a pose does not favor your face or body, don’t use it. Even if it is the most common. Each person is different and we should know what is convenient for each of us, that’s why I recommend you to check first poses at the mirror.

2- Don’t look straight to the lens, preferably. It all depends of the type of picture you aim to. Looking away is the most popular pose for a good picture.

3- Relax your shoulders, no tension.

4- Arms position is always we always have doubts about. Your may put them slightly on your waist, pockets, crossed, on the back of your head, or even faking combing yourself. The most important thing is that it should look natural.

5- Leaning against the wall? It depends on the style your aiming to could be on a side or facing away, as it looks natural.

6- Pose with movement. We are used to associate posing with the fact of being  quiet, but pictures while moving reduce the stiffness and give a casual flair as a finishing touch.

Those were all suggestions I could give you, the rest is up to you and your photographer. Try to make it a joyful moment, even if it is work. Your body and face reflect those.

MV Photography gave me the opportunity to experience this session in a very pleasant way. If you would like to do the same and live in Bilbao / Barcelona or if you are available to ride to those places, don’t forget to contact him via Instagram where you may find much more about his job.

I have some pictures in Instagram I would like to show you now.

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