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Hi Pijolows!

Today I have the opportunity to introduce you the O’Watches. These watches are known due to their modern and simple design. If you keep reading you will find a twist.

Even though at first sight it might seem complicated to understand how they work, it is actually very simple. As you may see in the picture, there is only one pin for the minutes and the white sphere rotates sowing the hours.

I went for the White&Blue model. That watch features a 7mm diameter stainless steel box. It is laser carved in the back side and shows the trademark logo. A custom brown stitched leather strap gives you a sporty and stylish design. But there are many different models, I encourage you to visit the website and you will surely find some that fit your style.

The watch is delivered in a 100% recycled and personalized box with a discount code for the next purchase. So, in addition to wearing a modern watch that stands out in your outfit, you help the planet and you have a discount that will allow you to buy another leash and play with the style you want to wear each day.


Not convinced yet? Keep reading …

Using my discount code PIJOLOWCOST will have associated a 35% discount on your first purchase. Do not wait any longer, go to the website select your favorite model and wear a watch that everyone will envy.


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