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Hi Pijolows!

If you are a lover of watches you should not miss this post and the others, keep reading! Choosing a watch is difficult at times, what we are looking for is one that it suits our style as much as possible. This has been achieved by the Daniel Wellington brand, do you want to know how?

Daniel Wellington watches have been specially designed and developed to match perfectly with both the fine NATO and leather straps. All straps are interchangeable, so you can have a different watch every day of the week.

The Daniel Wellington watch is undoubtedly suitable for all kinds of occasions. The game that has the interchangeable straps make of him a splendid companion of which you never separates.

The founder was inspired by a gentleman of British origin and that gives the name to the trademark. This man had a predilection for vintage watches with worn NATO belts and they liked both the combination that incorporated it into the watch line. Thus, they obtained a fine and elegant watch, with a clean design, without too many functions and that it could be combined perfectly with the different models of straps.

I have chosen for the watch with pink gold dial and genuine leather strap. And if you also want yours enter your website and with the code JULENALFONSO you will have a 15% discount on all products. I leave here some photos so that you see that I wear it most of the time. 

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