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Hi Pijolows!

Maybe some of you haven noticed yet, but wood is now on: the Wood Fashion. If you google it online you may get surprised with all designs you will find. That’s why I would like to introduce you now Sr. Lobo. This company was the first who gave me the opportunity to collaborate with some months ago. But, what is it all about? 

At the top we find Mr. Abel Rodriguez Martinez, a graphic designer from Oviedo with several years experience in that branch. He started some personal designs under his own trademark “GoodIntentions”, most of them vinyl designs for T-shirts, reminiscing of his times as a clerk in young clothing stores. But in 2004 his project took a turn turning the mark into Mr. Lobo.

The brand stood out for its novel products, laser cut beech wood bowls  and with handmade finishing touch that make them unique. The engraving of bow ties is designed by this great creator who makes a basic outfit become something to admire. The bows do not go unnoticed, if you want to go to an event and capture all eyes, it is the ideal accessory, elegant and comfortable which gives a daring personality to the one who wears it.

Also I had the opportunity to work with him, since he did a photo shoot with different looks. I decided to combine bow ties with formal shirts (shirts), informal shirts (lumberjack style) and even with polo type shirt, so it is a very wearable complement. I leave here a few photos.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

Likewise, in the store you can find t-shirts and objects of decoration (sheets, ceramics and lighting) designed by Abel. I show you some of the shirts here.

If the product surprised you, I have to tell you that this does not end here. In life the important thing is to evolve and that is what has made the brand innovating with a new material for bow ties; Now they also make white ceramic bows and glaze white enamels. I leave here some models but you cannot miss its website, it is worth it.

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