The right hairstyle for your face shape

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Hi Pijolows!

Today I present a guide for you to choose the most suitable hairstyle based on the shape of the face you have.

First of all, I have to say that we all (or many of us) make a big mistake of looking at a celebrity hairstyle and ask our hairdresser to cut our hair exact as we see it on somebody else’s head. But when it finishes what happens is that we do not feel the same as the person in question and could be that we just don’t have the right or the same face shape. Quiet after reading these tips it should not  happen again.

The first thing you should  do is to know what kind of face you have for a certain hairstyle.  You will need to clear the hair from the face, a ruler to measure and a sheet where to point the measurements of your face. I recommend that you do the drawing of a face on paper that will help you to point the measurements more clearly.

Start with the horizontal measures:
1) measure the forehead from temple to temple (prop it);
2) Next it is necessary to measure the upper part of the cheekbones;
3) Measure your jaw (from a little below the jaw to the other end).

We continue with the verticals:
4) measure the length of the face, from the middle of the forehead, where the hair begins to grow, to the middle of the chin. This measure you have to divide by three and leave it pointed;
5) and to finish you have to measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin.

Once you have finished and noted all the measures, we will see what kind of face you have and which hairstyle favors you the most: 


1. Oval face

If the length of your face, divided by three, is less than the length of the nose to the chin and this difference is less than 0.5 cm, then  your face is oval.

Any hairstyle will do you good but the best cuts will be those that leave your forehead clear and short in length. The shorter cuts will allow you to mark your features perfectly. It is recommended that the hairstyle does not have a lot of bangs because it would highlight the roundness of the face, so it is best to use hairstyles up or to the sides.

2. Long face

Your face will be lengthened if, if the length of your face (divided by three) is less than the length of the nose to the chin but this difference exceeds 0.5 cm.

Hairstyles that fit well are cuts with volume on the top of the head and with the long bangs.

3. Round face

When the length of the face, divided by three, is greater than the length from the nose to the chin, your face is round. This face is characterized by no angles on the face.

The best is a long cut to disguise the roundness of the face. Long bangs are not recommended but large volume at the top of the head to give a sense of elongation. Use hairstyles up or to the sides, which allow you to play and disguise the round features.

4. Square face:

The forehead, jaw and cheekbones have the same width. It is a face in which the jaws are marked, with the forehead and a flat chin.

I recommend a cut with volume on the top and shaved sides that will allow you to round your face a little and also to lengthen it. Another possibility is long hair but above the shoulders.

5. Inverted Triangle face:

In this case the forehead is wider than the measurement of the jaws and cheekbones. It is a face in which the forehead protrudes at eyebrow height.

The ideal hairstyle is long hair to cover the sides of the wide forehead. Although you can also choose for short hair but not shaved or too much volume on the sides of the face.

6. Diamond Face:

This face has dimensions similar to the square face, but nevertheless, the jaws and the chin are not marked here and they are marked more than normal. In addition, the forehead usually protrudes creating a triangular effect with the chin. It is not a very common face.

The ideal hairstyle is long cut that softens the hardness of the features. A good tupe can be your ally or the unkempt hipster roll. In no case try to use a bangs to cover your forehead because you will cause the opposite effect, use upward hairstyles that leave your face clear. High volume cuts at the top and short sides also favor but not overlap in that it is very short.

7. Rectangular Face

It is similar to the elongated face in terms of proportions, although this face has no forehead and rounded chin.

The cuts have to be aimed at disguising those factions so I recommend you greater volume in the upper part of the face and directed to the forehead.

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