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Hello Pijolows!

I have spent a few weeks without posting any post and I have some delayed the collaborations that I have agreed. My deepest apologies. Due to moving to London, which has been great, I have had to prioritise other things.

But I’m glad to be back with a Happy Socks collaboration.

Many of you already hear about this brand but for the first time so I will explain to you why I like it so much.

Happy Socks designs are colourful, full of prints that are easily combinable with any outfit. This makes them necessary and essential in the day to day because they give joy to all your garments that is with the purpose that they were created. In the words of the designers they wanted to distribute happiness by transforming an essential garment into a colourful piece of great quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

Victor Tell, creative director of Happy Socks, has the slogan “all play no work” that is clearly reflected in the designs of the brand.

Happy Socks offers an almost infinite variety of models and designs, using a wide range of original color schemes and designs.

Summarising: there are high quality socks and underwear, for every occasion, mentality and style.

Happy Socks takes great care of the production of their collections and only uses the best materials and the most intense designs in their socks and underwear. All the products are highly long-lasting , however, you can extend its useful life even more by washing the socks by the reverse and not drying them in the dryer.

I do not bore you any more and I leave you here a photos that I took with the products.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

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