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Hello Pijolows!

This post is the first dedicated to “grooming”. In this tab you will find information on how to take care of your skin, which is usually forgotten. We start doing it by determining what type of skin we have. Don’t you know yours yet?

There are 4 basic types of skin: fat, normal, dry and mixed. Once this is known, let us see the diferences of each one of them. To know what kind of skin you need you will need a mirror that will not scare you 😉

Oily skin:
Oily skin is known because it causes glitters on your face. It is normal to find those glows in the nose, the forehead and chin. In addition, the face usually has dilated pores and may have pimples. This type of skin is the one I have and in winter, especially my forehead shines, I thought it was because it was dehydrated (it’s a very common mistake, confusing that desquamation with dehydration).

Normal Skin:
It is utopian (non-atopic) skin because perfection does not exist and it is normal for our skin to have a defect that places it in the other categories. Normal skin is one that is soft, firm and homogenous, with no enlarged pores.

Dry Skin:
This skin is antagonistic to oily skin, it is a skin that does not secrete too much sebum. Dry skin gives the sensation of tightness when it comes to gesticulating. It often cracks easily if you do not moisturize it regularly and can even redden.

Mixed skin:
It is said to be the most common among men. It is a combination of dry skin, cheeks and fat, in the T-area of the face (ie, front, nose and chin).

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