Beard for men in 2017

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Hello Pijolows!

In 2016 beards became so fashionable up to be a symbol of masculinity. But what will they be in 2017?

Evil tongues say that beards will disappear and shaven will be the new beard. However, it is my opinion that this change is not going to be so radical. You can already see in the streets that the mustache is booming, so I think that many men will leave their beard, depopulating little by little, opting for less thick beard styles to reach the shave.

Of course, the bearded people from the heart, those who do not follow the temporary fashions, will continue with their beards and will continue to make the most of them. But as we all know things change and the hipster or lumber-sexual of late 2015 and early 2016 are not those of now.

So today I want to teach you two trends of beard that I think will have more followers in this year 2017:

3-day Beard:

Typical style arranged but messy. For this style it is necessary to use a razor, choose the length to taste and trim. It is characterized by a beard that is very thin, short and does not hide the face.

If you have a very thick beard the recommended measure is 2 mm, while for those that are less thick is recommended the measure of 4 mm.

Short Beard and Care:

It is an elegant beard but requires a lot of weekly care to keep it the same. That’s why you need a good razor or scissors to trim your beard. They are beards in which the hairs do not come out too much of the face, are more glued. My style of beard would place it here, I like to wear it degraded, with more hair on the chin and not be very high because if I do not, it covers a lot of my of face.


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