Cabin Zero

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Hello Pijolows!

I’m introducing to you today a brand that came out in an ideal moment of my life. The brand is Cabin Zero and if you would like to know why, keep on reading: D

Cabin Zero is a brand of ultra-light backpacks (760 grams). The measurements of their bags are accepted as hand luggage by all airlines.

Relocating myself to London I found the Cabin Zero backpack great, since if I had to carry a wheeled suitcase, added to the other two suitcases that I brought. I do not know how I would have transported all the luggage to the center of London. That’s why I love being able to promote these backpacks today because they seem very practical to me.

They have different compartments that allow you to fill it with lots of items, I presume, more than you can fit in some suitcases.

Now I usually use the suitcase for the days of shooting, to take the camera, the clothes and all accessories.

For the more adventurous type I also recommend these backpacks because they are highly resistant and waterproof, so you can not miss in your next adventure a backpack of Cabin Zero.

Last, but not least, with the CZJULEN Code you have a 10% discount on all products. So there is no excuse for not buying something so practical.

If you still have any doubts I leave here some photos with my backpack 馃榾

AirBrush_20170408141229IMG_20170408_141116 (1)IMG_20170328_133020_962


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