“Casual” Outfit

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Hello Pijolows!

Today I want to show you an outfit that I use a lot for any day and is a “product from home” 😉

I could not tell you what style to place this outfit so let’s leave it in “casual outfit”. On the top I have my cowboy /woodcutter shirt that I wear so much. I wear it tied to the last button because it gives a more formal touch to the set, in addition, the buttons are quite different from the normal, there are brackets , and that touch is very good. I also like to wear the collar of the shirt on the outside to show as much as possible the colored contrast.

I wear a “basic” gray H & M sweatshirt with a funny message: “the last clean sweater”. The color of the letters matches the color of the shirt, so the color contrast is uniform on the gray background of the sweatshirt.

As for the bottom, this time I have some classic blue jeans, in such a way that I show that I wear no socks, but I usually wear the same outfit with black jeans.

And to finish, my favorite Zara shoes that have a formal touch, with the appearance of buckle shoe, but informal with a sportier sole, that fits perfectly with my style, since I always look for a less classic touch to those garments that have the most formal appearance.

In the photos does not appear but in case of having to choose a jacket or jacket for the cold, when I wear blue jeans I usually combine it with a black biker from Zara and in case of wearing black, a blue denim jacket with cap Primark sweatshirt.

I hope you like it here and I leave the photos taken in Hyde Park, the day was perfect for the photos.





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