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Hello Pijolows!

Since I am in London I miss a lot of Basque topics, I miss my land and its habits, I can now imagine what happens to expats. That is why today I am delighted to introduce DILISTAK.

Dilistak, is a brand specializing on Basque topic gifts in a funny way. It is necessary to know how to laugh at oneself and that is why this brand has wanted to describe those habits through sarcasm which identify us and make us unique.

But you’ll wonder, in particular, what they are engaged in. It is simple. The Basque culture and its “hot topics” mark the trend of their designs and illustrations, that is, they are based on the most common phrases and habits of the Basque environment to later translate them into articles used in our day  by day life.

You will find expressions such as aupa, aiba the ostia, kuadrilla, etc in the shop. On t-shirts, doormats, aprons, bags, pots, mugs, cushions, etc. Where they express the most typical and funny part of the Basque culture, since they consider that the objects that surround us, define part of our personality

On the other hand, if you do not find what you are looking for in the store, they have the possibility to develop totally personalized articles created from the idea of ​​the customers, with the ingredients they would like to add.

For all this Dilistak is an essential mark to make a gift, both for the Basques themselves, as well as for those who come to visit and want to take a personalized souvenir.

I leave here some photos of the products they offer, I already have my mat of AUPA that you hope to have yours.


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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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