Sudio Headphones

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Hello Pijolows!

Do you like music? I love getting into my bubble when I’m on my way to work or anywhere else. If you are like me that you are always loaded with a thousand things you will be interested in the wireless headsets of Sudio.

Sudio is a brand of Swedish origin whose main philosophy is to turn the headphones into a garment more to dress, that is, give it more importance than we give. Normally we worry about our complements, like the bracelets or necklaces, with which they will combine better or not. Why do not we do the same with headphones? This is what Sudio proposes to us.

The stylish timeless design of your headphones is appropriate for every day of the week, whether you’re listening to music, on the road to a major event or just enjoying a sunny day. Sudio can become your best companion for any situation.

A product should be practical to use all the time. This can be seen in the Stay-in-Ear feature that allows the user to use the headset as an accessory around the neck and always ready to use. Stay-in-Ear prolongs the life of the headset when used most of the time and not being tight in the pocket.

These characteristics make the difference between some headphones and those of Sudio.

You would not believe that I would leave you with honey in your mouth and not give you a promotion code. Now with the code JULENALFONSO you have a 15% discount on all Sudio  products and you can find headphones of all types, so take this opportunity.

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