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Hello Pijolows!

Today I’m going to talk about the hygiene of the hands. In our hands we can find many bacteria, a few years ago, the University of Colorado in Boulder conducted a study involving 51 volunteers. In total, more than 4,700 different species of bacteria were found. That is why it is important to have clean hands, in order to avoid the transmission of diseases. Today I bring you a simple trick to clean your hands without water.

In the last year it has become fashionable to use gels to keep your hands clean. Merci Handy is a brand that has gels for hands that do not understand passing fashions. They are small, easily transportable and sturdy plastic jars that can accompany you anywhere.

The failure of “normal” anti-bacterial gels is that even if they leave your hands dry they do not smell and do not leave your hands so fresh. I have tried the two types of gels and the truth that Merci Handy has surprised me.

I have been informed a little about the brand and in its website explain how besides having gels with a great variety of odors, they have small blue pearls that are emollients, which means that they soften the hands to give them.

Therefore, using the Merci Handy gels you end up with bacteria, bad smell and rough hands. Could you ask for anything more?

Well I’ll tell you something else too: D on your website you can find more products: hand creams, face mists, toothpaste, and teeth whitening.



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