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Hey Pijolows!!

As promised, here you have the second post of my return, and this time I want to introduce you to AZURO.

This brand specialises in high range bracelets. You’ll be able to appreciate from the pictures that the quality of their materials is really high. These bracelets have three beads that they offer either in gold or silver.

The designs that you can see in their website can be combined with any piece of clothing, and it all depends on one’s dressing style. These are really elegant bracelets that won’t go unnoticed and that can improve any simple outfit.

In my case, I went for the silver one because I felt it would combine better with what I can find in my wardrobe. However, were I as lucky as some other influecers and had as many suits, I would have definitely gone for the golden. In my opinion, gold goes perfectly with more elegant garments and is very suitable for important events rather than a day to day life.

In my photos, I am wearing the same outfit as for DWIMMER, and what I want to show is that sometimes it’s not necessary to wear anything extremely elegant or out of reach to use luxury accessories.

What’s left for me to say is that if you like indulging yourselves when purchasing your accessories as much as me, do check out their website because they offer a wide variety of styles that match any possible taste.

I won’t be extending longer and I’ll leave you with the pictures I was taken by Manu Rivas. You can also find his professional Instagram, in case you might be interested in an affordable and high-quality photo shoot. Remember that SOMETHING EXPENSIVE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST, with this reflection I say you goodbye to you all!


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